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Malawi Council for the Handicapped

Our Motto “Disability in not inability”

Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) was established by an Act of Pariament, the Handicapped Persons Act 1971 Cap: 33:02 as a statutory corporation. Its goal is to facilitate the empowerment of persons with disabilities to enable them to actively participate and be included in the social economic development activities of their communuties and the country.

Our mission is to implement government policies by providing rehabilitation programs and services and promoting public interest towards the empowerment of people with disabilities in order to achieve an inclusive society

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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Discover MACOHA's programs and services

Implementation Strategies

Implementation Strategies

Discover MACOHA's approaches in the delivery of programs and services.

  • Our Vision

    MACOHA's vision is to empower all persons with disabilities in society

  • Our Motto

    Our motto is disability is not Inability

  • Operating Principles

    Our operating principles or philosophies are there is ability in disability and all persons with disabilities can be reached.

Focus Areas

Councils's Interventions

Our rehabilitation programs and services are in the following areas.


Increase access to quality, equitable and relevant education.


Increase access to health services by persons with disabilities.


Increase access to sustainable livelihoods opportunities.

Social Inclusion & Empowerment

Promote inclusion & self representation in society.

Production Units

  • Bangwe Weaving Factory
  • Lilonge VTC
  • Kamuzu RVTC
  • Ndakwera Scheme
  • Rivi-Rivi Scheme
  • Chinguluwe Scheme

Empowering People

With Disability


FAQ’s about our
Service and Programs

We understand you might have questions about our services and programs.

More FAQ's
  • 01. Where can we find the nearest MACOHA office?

    Nearly in all the districts and at ADDs in Malawi.

  • 02. Who is elligible for assistance from MACOHA?

    Anybody registered with MACOHA and needy.

  • 03. Which Ministry does MACOHA fall under?

    Ministry of responsible for Disabilities and Elderly Affairs on Technical matters Ministry of Statutory Corporation on Personnel, General Management and Financial Management.